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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 First off, welcome to by blog.  I assume that you are here because you are either a Mormon yourself or know someone who is.  Perhaps you have doubts or just find some of the beliefs to be a bit odd or confusing.  Well you are not alone.  Here you are welcome to vent your frustrations and hopefully find your own resolutions and find peace within yourself.

About Me

 I am an active Mormon.  I attend church every week with my family and even attend the temple twice a month.  At the time of this writing I currently have a calling as a minor member of the Bishopric. I have regular scripture study with my family and hold weekly family home evenings. Basically all the things I'm supposed to do to keep from falling away from the faith.

 Oh and I'm an atheist. 

 Okay, so maybe you think that seems a bit odd and out of place, or maybe you don't.  Either way that is my circumstance.  There are a number of reasons why I still go to church and am a 'closet atheist' which I will be happy to expound on later, for now lets just put it down to family reasons.

 I have no ill-will towards Christians or those of any faith.  I'm not out to convert you to atheism, you are free to make that decision on your own but I'll be happy to share my conversion story with you.  Unlike the pretended stance of the church I honestly believe that people should be free to make their own decisions.  To put it briefly it was not a decision I made quickly but was about 15 years in the making.  I have been off and on a devout believer in the church and God and fully understand why believers believe. As of this writing I have been an atheist for a little over a year now and I feel better about my decision each and every day.

So Why Blog?

 I have to thank my friend Mormon411 for encouraging me to start this up.  I have been making comments on his blog and he made me realize that I have a lot that I want to say.

 Coming to realize the church is false was hard.  At the time of realization you have no knowledge of where you can turn for support, you feel angry, betrayed, and lost.  You can't tell anyone you know because of the fear of rejection, judgement, and loss of friendship that would ensue.  You are left wondering where you can turn to find someone with whom you can express your new found self and accept and understand you for who you are.  I imagine that the fear and experience would be similar for anyone faced with the need to 'come out' with socially unexcepted beliefs and/or feelings.  It can be a confusing and frightening time and I hope that not only will you find an outlet here but you can then in turn help and become a shoulder for others to lean on as well.

Live long and prosper,


Mormon411 said...


Welcome to the blogging world. You will find this adventure to be both challenging and rewarding. One of the most rewarding things is when someone tells you that your words have helped them see "further light and knowledge" (to borrow that phrase from the Mormon temple ceremony).

I love your layout and almost wish I had thought of it.. In case you were wondering (and I wrote a post about it at some point in the past) the green color theme of my blog symbolizes "new life", which is what a person finds when they discover the truth about the LDS church.

I have added a link to you on my side bar. Let's see if we can get you some visitors. I find that the more often I blog, the more visitors I get. It takes time but they will come. It helps to trade links with other bloggers.

senigami said...

Thanks Mormon411, I appreciate the feedback. I was hoping you liked the layout. With the upside down Moroni I was going for more of a 'turn the religion on it's head' vibe. They might try to hide their head under the sand and sweep the odd beliefs under the rug and hope people forget about them but I hope to help bring the truth to light. People won't forget and overlook just because you want them to.

I figured out how to add links on the side and added you back. Thanks for the link.

Heather said...

All right! A new bog to follow. Thanks Mormon411 for suggestion and thanks senigami for going through with it. I'll be anxious to read your posts...

Mormon411 said...

Looks like you have already become popular with the spammers! I just deleted this very same message. In case you don't know how, you can log into your blogger account then click the "comments" tab. In this screen, you can select any comment you wish and click "Spam". This will report it and automatically delete it. The more of these guys we report, hopefully the less they will do this.

Hi Heather, I too am looking forward to reading some good stuff here!

senigami said...

Thanks, spam has been deleted.

senigami said...

Thanks Heather, I'm glad to find that there is interest out there.

Bee Manghi said...

just be true2yourself